Some employers will see rate increases of 17.5% Flash Report.com The State Compensation Insurance Fund (SF) is boosting its workers’ comp rates effective April 1st and it says insured employers will be paying based upon the overall average some 9% more under the modifications. Some employers however will be hit

A California Court of Appeal has held in Augustus v. ABM Security Services, Inc., that California’s rest break law only requires that an employee not be required to work, not that the employee be relieved of all job duties. 

The national average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel fell another 6.8 cents in the week ended Dec. 29 to $3.213, according to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration’s weekly report. Diesel has now fallen seven straight weeks, dropping nearly 50 cents in that time frame. It has

Miles/Death Rate at Record Low It takes government, particularly law enforcement a full year to evaluate and close vehicle accident reports to generate the final year end numbers, that’s why this report is always a year behind, statistically speaking. The good news is that the number of U.S. highway fatalities