A decision filed by the California Court of Appeal on September 5, 2012 in Oscar Bell et al. v. H.F. Cox, Inc. reaffirmed the exemption from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) overtime provisions for employed drivers – even if they mostly drive intrastate. In a case that originally was filed

Bill Does Not Eliminate Threat of Disqualification for Major or Serious Traffic Offenses A bill sponsored and supported by various trade associations and organized labor including the California Trucking Association (CTA) and the California Teamsters Union will give California commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders a minor break when it comes to


The equivalent of not seeing the trees for the fires – literally! This month as we geared up to again take-on both CARB (a lawsuit to stop their on-road truck and bus rule) and a EPA related legal action (to stop the off-road diesel engine rule), I couldn’t help to

The California Air Resources Board declared August “Clean Truck Month” and launched a statewide enforcement push with some scary statistics leaking out of Sacramento The preliminary results according to Paul Jacobs, chief of mobile source enforcement, were more than 6,000 inspections and 700 plus citations written.  Jacobs says that the

Editor’s note:  Copy this article and send it to your elected representatives.  It proves the lies we have been told about “renewable” energy, based on facts, not models or wishful thinking.  AB 32 means California electricity, already the most expensive in the nation, is going to go up by 42

A series of recent federal court rulings reined in the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s out-of-control regulatory rampage on air and water quality regulations.  One struck down an EPA practice of using guidelines, instead of actual regulations to set requirements for industry.  The other said EPA over-stepped it role in trying


Back in the days before he joined the dark side of “The Force,” Arnold Schwarzenegger was a compelling advocate for taxpayers. He noted that “from the time they get up in the morning and flush the toilet, they’re taxed. Then they go and get the cup of coffee, they’re taxed….This

In early August 2012, LA City Department of Transportation General Manager Jaime De La Vega (who’s salary is over $195,917/yr) sent out an email announcing the department’s annual report. Which seemed fantastic step towards sharing information on funding allocations and priorities at the DOT. However, once we opened the PDF –

An inherent drawback with democracy is likely to play a role in the 2012 election. Many Americans aren’t aware that we don’t have an actual direct democracy; instead we have a democratic republic. The founders were very aware of the danger of direct democracy. They generally shared Ben Franklin’s observation

Overall attendance increase, more qualified truck owners/buyers, well-attended educational sessions all contributed to the event’s success It was just a year ago that the Great West Truck Show announced it would be moving for the 2012 season, across town to the Sands Expo and Convention Center, adjacent to the Venetian/Palazzo