The number of drunken driving-caused deaths in California dropped to a record low of 791 last year, marking the largest single annual drop of DUI deaths in the past 14 years, according to a report.According to the Office of Traffic Safety, figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show

When federal officials finalized a loan to a consortium building a toll road through open country in San Diego County near the Mexican border in 2003, they had high hopes for the project: the South Bay Expressway. Taking advantage of the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act, the investors behind


The White House says its rule-making isn’t costly or unusual. The evidence shows otherwise The White House is on the political offensive, and one of its chief claims is that it isn’t the overregulator of business and Republican lore. This line has been picked up by impressionable columnists, so it’s


Barack Obama swept into the Presidency promising a new political order, one characterized by “transparency” and “openness.” Three years later, the President’s lofty campaign promises are belied by the Environmental Protection Agency’s record of suppression. Federal agencies cannot issue regulations willy-nilly; rather, they are bound to rules stipulating administrative procedure,

Over the last four weeks CIAQC has focused much attention on CARB and the On-Road Truck Regulation. On December 16th CIAQC meet with CARB staff in Sacramento to discuss several significant implementation issues for the Truck & Bus Regulation and testify at the CARB Board Hearing—the staff met with us

STATE: Injunction sought by producers is a blow to emission control efforts By Felicity Barringer, The New York Times SAN FRANCISCO – A federal judge this month blocked enforcement of a California regulation favoring producers of gasoline, diesel fuel and biofuels whose methods generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

In early December the Coalition of Energy Users presented the unelected California Air Resources Board with hundreds of signatures from Californians urging they stop their plans to raise gas prices by billions of dollars by changing the formula for gas. On December 29, a Federal judge struck down their plans

The definition of what constitutes a “public work” for prevailing wage purposes has long included the hauling of refuse from a public works site to an outside disposal facility. Assembly Bill 514, signed by Gov. Brown in October of 2011, amends Section 1720.3 of the Labor Code by specifying what

California’s Wage Prevention Theft Act (the “Act”), Labor Code Section 2810.5 took effect on January 1, 2012. On December 30, 2011, the last business day before the Act became effective, the California Labor Commissioner posted on its web site 15 “frequently asked questions” (“FAQs”) about the Act and the Labor

After making an end run around Senate Republicans to fill the top job at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Wednesday, President Barack Obama ran the same play again a few hours later, making three recess appointments to bring the National Labor Relations Board to full strength. The president used