August 2012


The Energy Subsidy Tally Wind and solar get the most taxpayer help for the least production. WSJ 8-17-12       President Obama traveled to Iowa last week and touted wind energy subsidies as the path to economic recovery. Then he attacked Mitt Romney as a tool of the oil and gas


Fracking, Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery Enhanced oil and gas recovery is also referred to in more defined terms as secondary, tertiary and even quandary recovery. These techniques are employed when the pressure inside a well drops to levels that make primary recovery no longer viable. Pressure is the key

With the oil extraction in the shale areas of Texas in full swing, the demand for qualified oil field truck drivers is in an all-time high, And with Cline Shale drilling on the horizon, oil field transportation companies are positioning themselves to gain the maximum potential business, contracts and relationships,

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At 9,680 lbs., new super-steel belly dump is 30 percent lighter, handles better, discharges cleaner and pays for itself with extra load capacity

As we continue our efforts to educate the truck brokers of our industry, we will be reaching out to CCTA members to help those who are trying to comply with the broker bond requirements and to identify those who refuse to play by the same rules.  If any of you

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California, Orange County and especially Huntington Beach has a 100 year history stepped in of all things, oil. The city was incorporated on 1909. Its original developer was the Huntington Beach Company (formerly the West Coast Land and Water Company), a real-estate development firm owned by Henry Huntington the city’s

An inherent drawback with democracy is likely to play a role in the 2012 election. Many Americans aren’t aware that we don’t have an actual direct democracy; instead we have a democratic republic. The founders were very aware of the danger of direct democracy. They generally shared Ben Franklin’s observation

Overall attendance increase, more qualified truck owners/buyers, well-attended educational sessions all contributed to the event’s success It was just a year ago that the Great West Truck Show announced it would be moving for the 2012 season, across town to the Sands Expo and Convention Center, adjacent to the Venetian/Palazzo

SACRAMENTO – Caltrans announced it has launched Caltrans QuickMap, an online service that provides California truckers with real-time traffic and travel information that will allow them to make better decisions about how to reach their destination more rapidly.

Forget lazing around watching TV like a couch potato.  Forget chowing down every day at your favorite greasy spoon.  It turns out exposure to diesel fumes by pregnant mothers (in utero) may be the trigger that is responsible for adult obesity.  Bottom line: it’s not your fault.