January 2012

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker is facing a recall after his labor and spending reforms. If he loses, public unions will flex their muscles nationwide. One Sunday afternoon last spring, as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was working in his front yard, a car rolled slowly by and blared its horn. He and

Long Beach Post: The Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office announced today that it filed a 58 count criminal complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Pacific Coast Container, Inc., for illegally transporting overweight shipments in violation of the California Vehicle Code.  In addition to Pacific Coast Container, Inc., the

Vehicle Identification Number and Vehicle History Reports As cars were first being introduced into California, there was no orderly way to track the vehicles or the owners until 1905. To keep track of all vehicles, the state required cars, bicycles, carriages, carts and similar vehicles to be licensed. However, the

California, long considered to have the world’s eighth-largest economy, has slipped to ninth place, according to the Palo Alto-based Center for the Continuing Study of the California Economy.Blame it on Brazil. With a fast-growing, $2.1 trillion economy, Brazil has slipped past California ($1.9 trillion) into eighth place, according to the

De wanabtaw@arb.ca.gov. 12, 2,2011 Los propietarios de camiones en toda la nación deberían haber recibido postal del ARB titulado “Diesel Truck Owners: Act Now” (Propietarios de Camiones Diesel: Actúen Hoy) enviado en agosto como un recordatorio de el plazo de cumplimiento de normas de emisiones de aire de fin de año.

In a Reason-Rupe poll of 1,200 adults, 58% of respondents said they would rather pay tolls if and when they use a particular lane or highway, rather than paying higher fuel taxes.The poll also found 77% are against raising the federal fuel tax to help pay for roads and transit,

Have you ever gone to a hotel and soon realized the official room rate was only the beginning?  Many hotels seize the opportunity to shakedown their guests with unreasonably high charges for necessities like parking, food and internet access.    If the song “Hotel California” were released today they might be

For the past year, I have been trying to figure out how so many Hispanic drivers that can barely speak English have been able to secure a TWIC card in order to work in the San Pedro Harbor Complex (LA/Long Beach).  Recently I stumbled on the answer.  The Transportation Security

Since the late 1970s, California has prided itself as being a laboratory for progressive environmental policy. Not coincidentally, since the late 1970s, California’s once-mighty manufacturing sector has left the State. I could care less about the California’s self-inflicted wounds, although I would find them humorous, all else being equal. Alas,

SACRAMENTO, CA – As Californians ring in the New Year Sunday, several new traffic laws will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2012.The laws were passed by the state Legislature and then signed by Gov. Brown earlier this year, California Highway Patrol Commander Fran Clader said. 1) Child safety seatsChildren