In what appears to be a California first, state highway officials are shelving a major Highway 50 widening plan in Sacramento until they can study whether the expansion will contribute to global warming. The state Department of Transportation announced it will not fight a Sacramento court ruling that the agency

C.C. Myers couldn’t fix this one. The legendary highway contractor, known for rebuilding California’s highways and bridges with lightning speed, has filed for personal bankruptcy. Myers is being sued for $40 million by Wachovia Bank over Winchester Country Club, an Auburn golf and luxury housing development that he personally developed.

California’s unemployment rate climbed to a 12-year high in July as the state continued to bleed jobs in the real estate, financials, retail and construction industries. Almost 15,000 jobs were lost in July because of ongoing slowdowns in these industry’s which are now affecting many other industries. The rate jumped

Banks and lenders have now foreclosed on $100 billion worth of California homes alone over the last two years and are foreclosing at the rate of over 1,300 houses every business day, according to a new report from ForeclosureRadar.com. The report, which covers foreclosure activity in California in July, says

One lingering question in the discussion about when the housing bubble will fully deflate is the status of numerous adjustable-rate mortgages or ARM’s as they are commonly referred to yet to reset. The magnitude of defaults in this subset of loans is expected to weigh heavily on the timing of

In late July, Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, commonly heard in truck cabs, announced that they have completed their merger and will change the corporate name to Sirius XM Radio Inc. Sirius XM Radio begins day one with over 18.5 million subscribers, making it the second-largest radio company, based upon

According to Randall-Reilly Events Group’s president and CEO Mike Reilly, “This year’s Great West Truck Show could not have been better.” Randall-Reilly Publishing LLC, is the owner of Randall-Reilly Events Group and The Great West Truck Show. Reilly added that, “To have a show grow so dramatically and have such

The toll for crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is going up again. The $1 increase for cars was approved July 11 by the board that oversees the famous span. It takes effect Sept. 1. Under the new toll rate, trucks will pay $3 per axle additional, up

According to the August 4th issue of Transport Topics, Cemex Inc. is rated as the 14th largest private truck fleet in North America. In 2007, they were ranked 60th so they are aggressively increasing the size of their fleet from last year. The company headquartered in Mexico, claims annual sales

Screen Media Films will release a new documentary called Big Rig with plans to bring the film on the open road visiting truck stops across the nation. The documentary offers an eye opening look into the world of American truck drivers and shows just how crucial this industry is in