Boat Engine Upgrades Could Pay for 40 Clean Truck Upgrades LA is like many cities in California today, facing a bloated and wasteful bureaucracy with hidden deals and lavish assets all over the place. As the city faces a publically disclosed $70+mil. debt, it was recently forced to disclose that

CCTA has been hearing much about whether or not older trucks need an engine emission control label (ECL) that is in conformance with CARB regulations, Section 2183(c). Please read this CARB Advisory below, it should answer all your questions. We have also heard that OOIDA is fielding calls from their

Publication of a landmark government study probing whether diesel engine exhaust causes lung cancer in miners — already 20 years in the making — has been delayed by industry and congressional insistence on seeing study data and documents before the public does. A federal judge has affirmed the right of

By now each CCTA member should be familiar with the rule’s impact on their truck or fleet, however, we have included below another brief overview of the rule and the 2012 deadlines. No other industry Association has worked harder with CARB to modify and push-out the deadlines of these regulations.

All-a-board for more crony capitalism? By Lee Brown, CCTA Executive Director In an EPA media release January 24, “EPA Announces Millions in Grants to Clean Air Projects in San Joaquin Valley”, the agency asserts: U.S. EPA Regional Administrator Jared Blumenfeld, announced a $5 million in funding that will pay for

Washington Examiner editorial 2-9-12 Thousands of conservative political activists, officeholders, public relations operatives, celebrities, think tankers, and academics are assembled early in February for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Among the issues that most intensely unite the various factions within the conservative galaxy is the use by liberals of

A House subcommittee put U.S. EPA’s science under a microscope again recently, asking whether the scientific underpinnings for controversial rules from climate change to smog are the products of a transparent review process. The House Science, Space and Technology Committee’s Energy and Environment panel has held two prior hearings on


At the last CCTA board meeting in November, someone questioned: “If there isn’t global warming than how do you explain the ice loss in Greenland?” A number of people said that the photos were likely a fraud – but at that time it was still being investigated. We all saw

These positive gains were due to an increase in demand of such commodities as coal, petroleum and automobiles. Also, modal shifts from trucking and air benefited the railroad industry. US Class I railroad companies, CSX, Kansas City Southern, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific recently reported fourth quarter and annual 2011

Southern Californians are among those at highest risk of death due to air pollution, according to recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research published in the journal Risk Analysis. The study, published last month, was conducted to “provide insight to the size and location of public health risks associated with