CARB Amendments: Is the Glass Half Full Or Empty?

The answer to that question with our members isn’t clear-cut. With CARB’s proposed changes to its truck rule, we are definitely hearing a lot of points-of-view from our members.

The new Good Faith Effort extension proposal is upsetting to those who already complied with the rule by retrofitting or truck replacement. Truckers who have not retrofitted, repowered or purchased newer trucks are holding out as long as possible and there are many reasons – including financial. While we have members who are angry at the proposal, we also have members who are grateful.

The truckers who have invested tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars are fuming over the thought of competing with non-compliant trucks. Truckers who complied already need better income to afford the payment books they’ve assumed.

One thing we are increasingly hearing are that many that invested their hard earned savings to upgrade their fleets, whether it is one truck or a large fleet, are having more work opportunities on federal, state and private projects because of contracting demands that compliant trucks be used on these jobs.

Now, those that have not upgraded might get some extra time to decide what their options will be to stay in business, but they may also find they are excluded from working on many of the better projects.

The CCTA will continue to do the best job possible for all its members and follow the Executive Committee’s instructions.

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