City Prosecutor Files Charges For Transportation of Unsafe Loads

Long Beach Post:

The Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office announced today that it filed a 58 count criminal complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Pacific Coast Container, Inc., for illegally transporting overweight shipments in violation of the California Vehicle Code. 

In addition to Pacific Coast Container, Inc., the complaint charges Umex Freight System, Inc., and 19 employees of the corporations responsible for overweight shipping. If convicted of all charges, the defendants could be ordered to pay $153,193.00 (plus penalties and assessments).

“Overweight vehicles tear up our public roads and create dangerous conditions for the driving public,”

said City Prosecutor Doug Haubert. “Not only do overweight trucks place greater stress on the vehicles and the roads, but they have more trouble braking in time to avoid a collision when traffic slows. It can turn a fender bender into a fatality,” Haubert added. 

Law enforcement officials and prosecutors meet with corporate representatives when they see an increase in violations, and three meetings were held with Pacific Coast Container in 2010. Instead of abiding with State weight limits, Pacific Coast Container received even more citations resulting in the filing of the 58 count criminal complaint. 

“Pacific Coast Container is by far the most egregious violator we have seen,” said Deputy City Prosecutor Chad Salzman who is handling the case. “The vast majority of companies are complying with the law and it is unfair to them if Pacific Coast Container continues to blatantly disregard laws designed for public safety.”

The City of Long Beach can assess an additional 480% of the base plus penalty and assessments or $753,326.40 plus the base fine of $153,193.00 for a grand total of $906,519.40.

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