PREPASS NEWS: Mark Wolnisty Joins PrePass!

Mark Wolnisty

PrePass recently hired Mark Wolnisty to cover their Southwest Regional Sales. Mark began his career in transportation in 1990 by renting a tractor-trailer. This soon grew into purchases of a several tractors and two dry vans hauling LTL, followed by the purchase of additional tractors and two reefer trailers. Along the way, Mark logged hundreds of thousands of accident free miles working with his employees.

Mark’s philosophy has always been that the “hands-on” approach is the best approach.

After a successful run owning his own trucking company, he sold his business and began a training career with a large commercial truck and bus training school as Director of Operations & Training. In that time, he worked with many agencies including the Department of Transportation’s Department of Motor Vehicles, helping to create more standardized testing for commercial drivers. He also developed a workable curriculum that is still in place today ensuring high first time pass rates. After seven years with the school Mark switched gears and began working in Fleet Management with small, medium and large trucking companies alike. He spent four years in fleet sales for Freightliner in Los Angeles and a year in San Francisco as a fleet sales manager.

Through his work in fleet management, Mark recognized a need for proper commercial and safety training that is lacking in the industry. With this in mind, he opened his own firm – MS Driver Consulting that focuses on safety, training and driver recruitment. He has had the opportunity to work with and train many different agencies and companies including the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), General Telephone (GTE), Irvine Ranch Water District, San Bernardino County Sheriffs and many others including Hollywood Stuntmen.

Mark received an accommodation Certificate of Merit from the CHP for his volunteer work with the CHiP’s for Kids program. He also spent several years with the Sierra Madre Volunteer Fire Department where he put his expertise to use training future Fire Fighter Engineers.

With the implementation of CSA, Mark’s focus continues to be on safety and quality training as the fundamental concepts to being a successful professional truck driver. Using his extensive knowledge on the subject, he has helped carriers understand the new scoring system and how to improve their scores.  

Mark brings this wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to PrePass as the Southwest Regional Sales Manager, covering California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

PrePass is the nation’s premier pre-clearance system, allowing participating transponder-equipped commercial vehicles to bypass designated weigh stations, port-of-entry facilities and agricultural interdiction facilities. Cleared vehicles travel at highway speed, eliminating the need to stop and improving operational efficiencies by saving time, money and fuel. PrePass is currently operational at over 300 locations in 31 states and continues to grow. 
CCTA has teamed up with PrePass to offer our members a special discount for PrePass bypass services.

Sign up is easy – to complete an application, or call 1-800-PREPASS (773-7277) option 3.

You can also contact Mark Wolnisty via email at or 925-822-3529.

Carrier Support Strong for Transponder Truck Screening and Expanded Functionality

LAS VEGAS – In a recent survey of more than 800 motor carriers Help Inc. found strong support for the security, reliability and integrity of PrePass transponders for screening trucks. Electronic preclearance ranked as the most important technology for creating industry efficiency, with 84 percent of respondents saying that PrePass is an important or very important for their operations. Looking forward, carriers expressed strong support for the integration of onboard technology for applications such as truck screening, hours of service monitoring, credentials, permitting and real-time vehicle operational characteristics.

According to Richard A. Clasby, president and CEO of HELP, “We’re proud to be the preclearance partners with 96 percent of America’s top 100 motor carriers. We credit our PrePass transponder technology as delivering the performance, reliability and system integrity needed to assure carriers their data and their driver’s privacy remains protected.”

Over 95 percent of the carrier respondents said they were happy with the current PrePass transponder and the functionality it provides. Additionally, an overwhelming majority of carriers, more than 80 percent, expressed support for the use of transponders to carry registration, permit, credential and electronic license plate information. Half of the carriers also supported the use of transponders to process payment for these types of services.

The survey identified lesser support for the deployment of mobile solutions in a moving truck, with less than 20 percent of respondents indicating any interest in using smart phone applications, and nearly 45 percent saying they did not want smart phones active in their trucks.

“The fact fewer than 20 percent of carriers are turning to smartphone applications underscores carrier concern over distracted driving and data privacy,” Clasby concluded.

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